About us

The advice gap sucks

Financial decisions are some of the most important calls you’ll ever make. Taking advice can make the difference between buying a place or renting forever. Affording your dream wedding or needing to compromise. Getting out of the rat race or working til you drop.

There are 16 million people in the UK who would really benefit from some advice to help make these decisions, but can’t afford it. That’s the advice gap, and it sucks.

Not any more. Not on our watch. We’ve automated financial advice, put it in an app, and made it free, so that everyone can Multiply their worth.

The world’s first fully-automated financial advice

We were the first people to work out how to deliver automated financial advice at scale, and in June 2018 we became fully regulated.

We’ve built best-in-class proprietary technology, including our advice engine and iOS app. And there’s a Multiply plan in the hands of 30,000 people already.

And this is just the start.

Leadership team

Vivek Madlani
Co-founder and CEO

After 12 years trading derivatives, Vivek came across the world of financial advice and saw first hand how powerful it is both financially and emotionally. From that point on, he wanted to bring financial advice to as many people as possible. His solution: automating it and making it free.

You always know when Vivek’s in the building; you’ll hear him laughing (usually at one of his own jokes) long before you see him.

Mike Curtis
Co-founder and CTO

Mike is in charge of technology at Multiply. He used to code models of black holes in massive simulations of the universe, but these days he’s given himself the challenge of solving this planet's problems.

If he's not in front of a screen Mike's probably in the kitchen, attempting a Heston Blumenthal recipe and bingeing on podcasts.

Advisory board

Jonathan Schneider
Nick Hungerford
Board Observer
Zihao Xu
Board Observer

Strength in numbers

Over 30,000 downloads so far
Advised on more than £1 billion of assets and debt
Made 11,000 individual recommendations