What else do I get?

  1. Goal-setting tool to find out what home you can afford and when
  2. Personalised advice at each step of the homebuying process
  3. Get mortgage-ready and find a deal via our partner mortgage adviser
  4. Automate your deposit savings with autosaves and roundups

After realising how powerful financial advice can be, I quit my director job at RBS and founded Multiply to bring advice to everyone.

How is the rate so high?

Unity Mutual invests your money into property and pays you 3.0% fixed-rate annual interest (it’s been paying this rate since 2018). Your capital is not at risk.

This is a Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA with a difference. It operates just the same as a Cash Lifetime ISA, but with a better rate.

Can I transfer my ISA?

Yes, you can switch to the market-leading Lifetime ISA in a few taps. Just tell us the account number and provider for your existing account, and we’ll do the rest.

You can transfer any type of ISA, including a Lifetime ISA, Help to Buy ISA, Cash ISA, or Stocks & Shares ISA.

How do I get the boost?

  1. Enter your email
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  2. Download the app
    Your instant access pot will be there with the 1% offer rate already applied
  3. Open (or transfer) a Lifetime ISA
    It takes 2 minutes to apply for the market-leading Lifetime ISA
This is an invite-only offer. We’ll let know when you’ve signed up.

What's Multiply?

We’re the world’s first fully-automated financial adviser.

We were the first people to work out how to deliver automated financial advice at scale, and in June 2018 we became fully regulated

We’ve built best-in-class proprietary technology, including our advice engine and iOS app. And there’s a Multiply plan in the hands of 30,000 people already.

And this is just the start.

What do people say?


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